Holmes Agro Offers a Large Portfolio of Products and Services Which can be Tailored to Suit Your Needs.

  • Cropping Recommendations and Pre-Season Planning
  • Bulk Delivery of Fertilizer and Seed
  • Custom Fertilizer Blends; Available in Small Bags, Totes and Bulk
  • Custom Application of Fertilizer, Chemical and Lime
  • Crop Protection Products: Including Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides and Foliar Nutrients
  • Spreader Rentals
  • Field Scouting of Traditional Field Crops, Potatoes and Horticultural Crops
  • Site Specific Management and Variable Rate Technology
  • Grid, Zone and Bulk Soil Sampling
  • Plant Tissue Analysis and Monitoring
  • GPS Technology
  • Nutrient Mangement Planning
  • Seed Sales - Pride, NK, ProSeeds, Pioneer, Dow Seeds, Bayer Crop Sciences, C&M Seeds, Bramhill, Speare Seeds, Maple Seed, NuSeed
    • We are excited to be partnering with NuSeed in offering access to their sunflower varieties!! NuSeed is a global seed company genuinely committed to developing new seed technologies that create new opportunities.  With breeding programs in Australia, Argentina, Serbia, and the USA, NuSeed has unmatched germplasm creating superior hybrids.  Across the sunflower spectrum, from confection to Hi Oleic oil hybrids, NuSeed have the agronomics to meet your needs!
  • Lawn & Garden Fertilizer; Grass Seed
  • MyFarm Software
  • Winter Ice Melt Products
  • Dust Control Options


Our friendly staff and team of Certified Crop Advisors are more than willing to assist you with your agricultural and lawn and garden needs.