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     Lawn Fertilization Schedule

When is the Right Time to Fertilize and Overseed?

  • Your first fertilizer application should be made between April and May, just before the heat of summer arrives. A feeding of slow-release nitrogen (SRN) will allow the plant to rebuild its energy reserves to help tolerate the stresses of summer, including drought, heat, disease, and insects. A percentage of SRN can feed the grass for 6-8 weeks.
  • A second application of fertilizer should be scheduled between July and August. Try and time your application prior to rainfall to ensure that the product gets adequately watered in.
  • A third application, scheduled for September, should be made to encourage the roots to build sugars, or root reserves, to help it to overwinter.
  • Overseeding, in addition to fertilizing, is also important in encouraging a thick lawn. Early spring and early fall is the best time to overseed. Be sure to pick a seed mixture that is suitable to your environment.

Contact your Crop Advisor for more information.

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